​The IGEA CLINIPORATORTM is the device used for the technique of clinical electroporation and electrochemotherapy in clinical practice.




The IGEA CLINIPORATORTM induces electroporation of the cell membrane by emitting high voltage impulses to the cell. During the electroporation process, the CLINIPORATORTM measures the voltage and current supplied, and displays critical treatment information allowing the physician to verify the effectiveness of the treatment.

The IGEA CLINIPORATORTM is the only commercially available device for reversible electroporation in clinical use for the treatment of electrochemotherapy of solid mass cancers, performed under specific Standard Operating Procedures. [*]

It uses innovative technology to deliver a consistent, reproducible and safe treatment to the tumour. This technique advances the care of patients with cancer affecting the skin (irrespective of the cancer origin) and improves quality of life. For full technical data for the IGEA CLINIPORATORTM please download the technical sheet below.

[*] Mir LM, Gehl J, Sersa G, Collins CG, Garbay JR, Billard V, Geertsen P, Rudolf Z, O’Sullivan GC, Marty M: Standard operating procedures of the electrochemotherapy: Instructions for the use of bleomycin or cisplatin administered either systemically or locally and electric pulses delivered by the CliniporatorTM by means of invasive or non-invasive electrodes. Eur J Cancer, S4:14-25, 2006.

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